nadaPASS For Users


Imagine a world...

- Without passwords

- One username everywhere

- Extreme security without compromise


Welcome to a World Without Passwords...

Ask Yourself…

•  Do you hate passwords?

•  Do you want an easier way to log into Websites & Apps?

•  Do you want a more secure way to log into Websites & Apps?

We Have The Solution

What Is nadaPASS?

What would be the perfect web site experience? Imagine a world where you had one username for every web site you visit. Now imagine never, ever having to use a password again. You’ll no longer have to remember 50 passwords for 50 sites. No more changing passwords because of hacker threats. Seem unrealistic?

You can now use one username everywhere without a password on the most secure login technology available today.

Welcome to the world of nadaPASS.
nadaPASS eliminates passwords … permanently.

nadaPASS Features

  • No Passwords

    Log into web sites without a password (for sites that accept nadaPASS).

  • One Username For All

    With nadaPASS, a single username is shared across every website you log into.

  • Multiple Website Accounts

    Multiple accounts are supported per website (you can select a site user in the app).

  • Extreme Encryption

    We use ultra-secure dual encryption techniques to thwart hacker attempts.

  • Hacker Protection

    Brute force hacker attacks are no longer feasible.

  • Multi-Device Support

    Log in from ANY computer/device (nadaPASS app can be on another device).

  • Preemptive Threat Detection

    High Security Mode detects suspicious activity during logins.

  • Protection Beyond nadaPASS Sites

    nadaPASS Sites no longer have useable passwords, so your password from a hacked site CANNOT be used elsewhere.

  • nadaVUE Password Manager For Legacy Sites

    Includes a password manager/e-wallet called nadaVUE™ for less secure (non-nadaPASS) sites

  • nadaVUE Is Feature Packed

    nadaVUE includes all standard password manager features

  • nadaVUE Password Generator

    nadaVUE includes a password strength tester and password generator

Is nadaPASS Secure?

Key Hacker Facts

  • 80% of cyber attacks involve weak passwords.  ~ Symantec 
  • 90+ % of user-generated passwords are vulnerable. ~ Deloitte
  • 55% of people use one password for all logins. ~ Osterman
  • We currently average 24,000 identity thefts /day  ~ Identify Theft Resource Center
  • A hacker can run 420 billion password combinations a minute. ~ Deloitte

Scared yet?  You should be.  The threat of hacker access across the Internet will only get worse.  nadaPASS solves these issues through our exclusive patented passwordless login technologies.

nadaPASS Saves the Day

  • Since nadaPASS does not use passwords, there is no password for hackers to guess.
  • Without passwords, hackers can no longer use automated password guessing scripts or other brute force attacks.
  • nadaPASS utilizes highly secure dual encryption, to protect your data while in transit through a network.
  • nadaPASS MLOK™ (Multi Location Offset Key) Technology ensures no single point in the network contains all of your login details.
  • Old passwords are automatically removed from sites to prevent hackers from using your password from stolen site data on other sites.

What About Legacy Websites

Not every website accepts nadaPASS yet*, though we are working as fast as we can to make it happen.  For these websites, we’ve included nadaVUE as an easy-to-use solution.

nadaVUE is a password manager/secure digital wallet you may use to store legacy passwords/logins, credit card info, secure notes, etc., using the same extreme encryption and security as nadaPASS.

And even better, nadaVUE will save and sync your secure information across all of your devices**, regardless of the device type or operating system.  How cool is that?

* Note:  Wish your favorite website accepted nadaPASS?  So do we!  You can help speed up the implementation of nadaPASS by contacting your favorite website and asking them to start accepting nadaPASS.  Drop us a suggestion for a website, too, on our Support Page.

** Note:  The total number of devices the information is synced with depends on what type of nadaPASS Account level you have.

How do I use nadaPASS?

If a website accepts nadaPASS logins, it will have a “Log In With nadaPASS” button directly below or beside the normal username/password fields.

These are the basics to log into a Website that accepts nadaPASS:

  • Select the Log In With nadaPASS button
  • Enter your nadaPASS username
  • Go to your nadaPASS App and select the “Confirm” button

Simple.  Easy.  Secure.

How Much Does nadaPASS Cost?

Our mission is to eliminate the outdated password model.  Therefore, the base version of the nadaPASS App is currently free.

If you wish to share the same nadaPASS Account across multiple devices and sync passwords everywhere, then you can upgrade to Gold Level at any time within the App.  Upgrading to Gold helps us fund our fight against passwords and the security issues associated with using them.

Download the App today and setup a nadaPASS Account. It’s time to eliminate the password… forever.

Get nadaPASS Now!!!

Are you ready to get nadaPASS?  It doesn’t cost a penny to download it now.  You can use nadaPASS to log into your favorites sites, which already support nadaPASS, or use it to securely store all your legacy usernames, passwords, secure notes, recipes, or anything else you want to keep safely locked up.  We have nadaPASS Apps available for Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Apple MAC OSX, and Microsoft Windows, with more to come.

Have more questions?

Have more questions?